Understanding AutoLISP compatibility

Understanding AutoLISP compatibility

progeCAD adds LISP functionality that you will find useful. The following table lists functions that are unique to progeCAD LISP.

Additional progeCAD LISP functions

Unique LISP function



Returns log base 10.


Pads a text string with spaces to the left.


Pads a text string with spaces to the right.


Returns the tangent.


Trims spaces from a string.

Not all progeCAD LISP functions are completely compatible with AutoLISP func­tions. The following table identifies progeCAD LISP functions that are partially compatible with AutoLISP functions.

Partially compatible LISP functions

LISP function





Supports P0 (cursor menu), P1 through P16 (the pull-down menus), and M (diesel expressions), but does not support A (aux menus), B (button menus), I (icon menus), S (screen menu), or T.


Does not support Unicode characters, such as \U+00B0 (the degree symbol) and M+Nxxxx (multi-byte Unicode sequences).

(ssget) and (ssadd)

Supports additional selection modes:
CC = Crossing Circle
O = Outside
OC = Outside Circle
OP = Outside Polygon
PO = POint
PRO = Properties

In addition, progeCAD LISP does not support all AutoLISP functions. The following areas are not supported by progeCAD LISP:

   (acdimenableupdate), (acet-attsync), (acet-layerpmode), (acet-layerp-mark),
(acet-laytrans), (acet-ms-to-ps), (acet-ps-to-ms), (defun-q), (defun-q-list-ref),
(defun-q-list-set), (entmakex), (initdia), (namedobjdict) and (ssnamex).

   ARX-related functions that run ARX applications

   (dict)-related functions

   (vl)-related functions for Visual LISP

   SQL-related functions that link AutoCAD entities with external database records. These functions start with ase_, for example, (ase_lsunite) and (ase_docmp)

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