Printing drawings

You can print a copy of your drawing exactly as you created it, or you can add formatting and specify print controls to change how your drawing looks when it is printed.

Sometimes you may require multiple printed drawings, each with a different look or layout. For example, you may need one printed drawing for a client presentation, along with several other variations for production contractors. For each type of printed drawing that you require, you can create a layout that defines its characteristics, including scale, area to print, print style tables, and more.

This section explains how to:

    Start printing right away.

    Set up a drawing to print multiple layouts from paper space on a Layout tab.

    Customize how you want your drawing to look when it is printed.

    Define how to print your drawing further using print styles.

    Print or plot your drawing.

    Publish your drawing using sheet sets or sheet lists.  

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Getting started printing

Defining layouts for printing

Customizing and reusing print settings

Using print styles

Printing or plotting your drawing

Publishing sheet sets

Publishing sheet lists