progeCAD Express Tools

progeCAD Express Tools is a set of tools mainly grouped under the Express Tools menu which extend progeCAD functionality enabling the user to increase productivity through easy, fast and efficient execution of complex multistep CAD operations.
This is another implementation similar to AutoCAD full which makes progeCAD ever more intuitive for AutoCAD users.


The feature is included in progeCAD for free and available right on software installation.
To access Express Tools, simply go to the homonymous tab on the Ribbon menu or to the Express Tools menu of the Classic toolbar.
You can also type corresponding commands on the command line.

List of Express Tools available with progeCAD

New with progeCAD 2025
Name Description
CHBLOCKBASEPOINT Change the insertion point of the selected block and all its instances in the drawing, without moving the geometry.
INSERTPOINTSVALUES Write coordinate values near the selected point.

Complete List
Name Description
ALIGNSPACE Adjusts a viewport's zoom factor and panning position based on the alignment points specified in model space and paper space
AREATEXT Calculate boundary area and place the text with the value in the center of the area
ARCTEXT Places text along an arc
AUTOPERSP Automatically creates perspective view with default settings
BATTMAN Block Attribute Manager
BCOUNT Calculates the number of blocks
BLOCKREPLACE Replace a block with another block
BLOCKTOXREF Conver a block to XREF
BREAKLINE Creates a Polyline that includes the breakline symbol
BSCALE Scales a block reference relative to its insertion point
BURST Explodes attributes to text
CENTERLINE Create centerline geometry associated with selected lines and linear polyline segments
CENTERMARK Creates a mark at the center of a circle or an arc
CENTERMARKSET Creates a mark at the center of a circle or an arc with settings
CHBLOCKBASEPOINT Change the insertion point of the selected block and all its instances in the drawing, without moving the geometry.
CHANGEBLOCK Create a new Bock Definition from a Block instance and open Block Editor to create a new modified Block
CHSPACE Moves objects from one space to the other maintaining the appearance of the original objects.
CLIPIT The extended clip command with arc, circle, and polyline capability
CONVERTPOLY Converts Polylines to LWPolylines and the other way round
COPYEDATA Copies entity data
COPYFULLPATH Copies the path of the current drawing
COPYM Copies multiple objects with Repeat, Array, Divide and Measure options
COORDSLABEL Creates a text label with the XY or XYZ coordinates value of a selected point, with or without a leader
CREATELINETYPE Create custom textual Linetypes through the Dialog box
DELEDATA Deletes entity data
DIMARRANGE Align a dimension line and a sub line
DIMDISASSOCIATE Removes associativity from selected dimensions
DIMPOLY Automatic creation of dimensions around a polyline
DIMPOLYALIGNED Automatically creates aligned dimensions around the selected polyline using its vertices
DIMREASSOC Restore the measured value to overridden or modified dimension text
DIMREASSOCIATE The association or reassociation of selected dimensions to entities or points on entities
EDITEDATA Creates or edits entity data
ELEVZERO Set the Z elevation of the selected objects to "0"
EXOFFSET  The extended offset offers more options, including the layer control, undo, and multiple options
EXPLODE Explodes blocks
FIELD Inserts Mtext with a field that can be automatically updated as the field value changes
FLATTEN Converts 3D geometry to 2D geometry
GATTE Replaces all values with the same attribute tag name in the selected blocks
GETSEL Creates a selection set of objects based on layer and object type filters
HIDEOBJECTS Hides selected objects in the current view
IMATCH Adopts an inserted image to a rectangular object
INSERTPOINTSVALUES Write coordinate values near the selected point.
ISOLATEHOBJECTS Hidden objects are displayed in the current view, other objects are temporarily hidden
LAYBYENT Layer by Entity allows to select an entity to control layer or VPLayer settings
LAYCUR Changes the layer of selected objects to the current layer
LAYDEL Permanently deletes layer from drawing
LAYFRZ Freezes layers of selected objects
LAYISO Isolates layers of selected objects
LAYLCK Locks layer of selected object
LAYMCH Changes the layer of selected objects to the layer of a selected destination object
LAYOFF Turns of layers of selected objects
LAYON Turns on all layers in drawing
LAYTHW Thaws all layers
LAYULK Unlocks layers of selected object
LAYUNISO Turns on all layers that were turned off by the last LAYISO command
LAYWALK Dynamically displays objects on selected layers
LMAN Displays layer state manager to save and restore layer settings
LOAD Loades Shape (.shx) files
MAPIMPORT Inserts Esri shape files (.shp) with geometry and its attributes
MERGEHATCH Merges the selected hatches by applying the corresponding properties
MOCORO Moves, copies, rotates and scales entities
MOVEEDATA Moves entity data
NCOPY Copy nested objects
OFFSETSMART Create an offset deleting the original entities
OVERKILL Deletes duplicate objects and combining line and arc segments that overlap
P_PERSPECTIVE Creates perspective view specifying camera and target position
PREFIXSUFFIX Adds Prefix or Suffix to selected Texts
QBREAK & EBREAK Trim all entities to the intersection of a cutting entity in a single operation using the quick trim command.
QLATTACH Attaches a leader line to an mtext, tolerance or block reference object
REASSOCAPP Reassociates entity data
RENAME Allows to change names assigned to named objects
RENAMEBLOCK Rename a block and add a new block definition for further editing
SCALETEXT Enlarge or reduce selected text objects without changing their locations
SELECTSIMILAR Quickly selects all objects matching the properties of the selected object
SHOWINTRO Displays the startup Welcome progeCAD dialog
SLOPELINE Loads slope line type
SLOPETEXT Creates a text, aligned to the entity with the slope value of a line or a polyline segment
SMARTJOIN Joins lines, polylines, splines into a single polyline
SUPERHATCH Uses images, blocks, xrefs, and wipeouts to create hatch patterns
TABLE Inserts tables
TABLEDIT Edits tables
TCASE Changes the case of the selected text, mtext, attributes and dimension text
TCIRCLE Places a circle, a slot, or a rectangle around the selected text or mtext
TCOUNT Adds sequential numbering to text objects. Numbers can go as prefix, suffix or replacing text
TEXTFIT Fits text between specified points
TEXTMASK Hides entities around text
TEXTUNMASK Removes masks created around text
TJUST Justifies text not changing its position. Works with Text, Mtext & attribute definition objects
TORIENT Converts a single line text to multiline text
TOTLENGTH Show the total length of selected object
TXTEXP Explodes text or Mtext into 3D polylines
UNISOLATEHOBJECTS Restores the default situation for Isolated objects
UPDATEFIELD Allows to manually update fields in the current drawing
VPCLIP Clips layout viewport objects and reshapes the viewport border
VPSYNC Aligns the views in one or more adjacent layout viewports with a master layout viewport
XLIST Displays external references or blocks properties

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