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Easily extend the power of progeCAD software using apps created for the end users community

progeEARTH Land Development Suite

progeCAD North America

This Civil Survey software, comprised of Survey/Cogo, DTM, and Road Design modules, is powered by progeCAD® Professional. progeEARTH provides a low-cost alternative to otherwise high priced Land survey, coordinate geometry, digital terrain modeling, and corridor design software including working directly with AutoCAD DWG files, without having to pay a fortune to do so. Producer website...

progeBILLD, professional MEP

progeCAD North America

progeBILLD, professional MEP Building Services design software, includes modules for Electrical, Mechanical/Structural, and HVAC/Piping, including export of Bill of Materials information, and representation of manufacturer libraries for each industry application. Producer website...


progeBILLD Mechanical/Structural

ProgeBILLD Mechanical/Structural is a powerful application to create mechanical and structural projects. It contains numerous libraries of standardized elements, steel profiles and other elements conforming to DIN, EN, ISO and other standards. Ready-to-use objects and commands automate the creation of details, schematics, and multi-view drawings.

Thousands of industry standard bolts, screws, nuts, pins and other elements. Extensive CAD library includes parametric steel profiles, flanges, dished ends, steel piping, industrial equipment of heat exchangers. Intelligent functions for easy creating of schematics. Library of symbols for logic, pneumatic and hydraulic systems included.

- Many thousands of standard bolts, screws, nuts, pins, etc.
- Extensive library of steel profiles, flanges, dished ends, steel pipes, etc.
- Library of symbols for pneumatic and hydraulic systems.


progeBILLD Electrical

ProgeBILLD Electrical for progeCAD is a powerful application to create design lighting, low-tension, power plant, aerial, alarm and other electrical installations used in architectural plans and maps.

progeBILLD Electrical contains Intelligent inserting and removing symbols, creating fittings and standard parts of installations and automatic generation of specifications.

- Design tools for telecommunications, fire-fighting, alarm and supervision, aerial, etc.
- Complete library of electric objects and symbols based on DIN, EN, ISO and other standards.
- Spacious libraries of devices and objects that come from standard and catalogs of prestigious producers.
- Intelligent inserting symbols in lines or in group of lines and inserting symbols in line crossing.
- A set of commands that automate creating electric schemas and architectural plans and maps.
- Parametric objects (switchgears, module of equipment, lighting frames).
- Joining cable trays or cable channels with insert of suitable fittings.


progeBILLD HVAC/Piping

progeBILLD HVAC/Piping is a powerful application to create power plant, building, and facilities designs used in architectural plans and details.
Design any kind of installation (HVAC and piping, water and sewage, ventilation, cooling installation, gas installation design, pulp and paper, high tech wafer fabrication, chemical processing, and more). Complete CAD library of MEP, AEC, piping and air conditioning symbols based on DIN, EN, ISO and national standards. Automatic insertion of suitable fittings, join pipes and air ducts, piping, insert elbows, T-parts, reducers etc.

- Drawing isometric view with the ability to insert symbols in different views.
- Automatically transform all symbols (incl. user-symbols) to an isometric view
- Design installations with automatic insertion of suitable fittings.
- Automatically join pipes and air ducts.
- Automatically insert elbows, T-parts, reducers etc.
- Extended set of objects based on standards and catalogs of prestigious producers.



CADprofi is a CAD add-on that helps in designing architectural and mechanical projects, as well as plumbing and electrical installations.
Helps in designing architectural and mechanical projects, as well as plumbing and electrical installations.
The program speeds up the work by providing many new features that are not available in base CAD programs. Currently, the program is available in 22 languages, including English, Bulgarian, Chinese Simplified, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. Producer website...



Wms2Cad is a software to quickly georeferencingly display maps from WMS services on CAD drawings basing on coordinates in a known system. It allows additional information to be obtained from the services, like ordinates from a digital terrain model.

Wms2Cad has a huge base of predefined WMS, TMS and WMTS services. You may also easily add further services to the base! Producer website...

Better WMF


BetterWMF solves progeCAD problems related to copying and pasting drawings into other software packages like Microsoft Word.

If you have ever tried to insert an progeCAD picture into for example a Microsoft Office document you may have noticed several problems: To start with, you will get unwanted borders. The resulting size of a picture is the same as the graphics area of the progeCAD window at the time of creation, rather than matching the selected objects.

With BetterWMF no workaround is necessary: run Bclipbrd.exe outside progeCAD and any picture you cut and paste from progeCAD to another program will be improved on-the-fly.

Using the options you can automatically modify the picture in several other ways. For example, you can turn the picture into black-and-white, assign width to the lines based on their color or set a fixed size for the picture as it will appear in other programs.

The AutoCAD® version is compatible with progeCAD

Producer website...



Mechanical software products
Mech-Q, is a CAD-based software products, offers well-rounded drafting features for a wide range of engineering applications ranging from Mechanical software, Piping software, HVAC Ducting software and Structural Steel Detailing software. Producer website...

Survey and COGO

COGO Software

This Survey, Cogo, DTM, and Road Design software, used with progeCAD, provides a low-cost alternative to otherwise high priced Land survey, coordinate geometry, digital terrain modeling, and corridor design software.
This software is ideal for Professional Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers who need an economical software solution. It also provides a low-cost way for Architects to communicate their data to the Engineer.  Producer website...


E-CAD Steel

The e-CAD Steel add-on provides flexible drawing of many types of standard steel (ISO, EN, DIN, PL, ASTM) elements in the following view options: 2D cross-sectional profiles, 2D views (top, bottom, left, or right) and fully three-dimensional models.
An element can have any length defined by the user.

Plugin creates:

Steel list [*.CSV]
Summary of the paint area [*.CSV]
Summary of Quantities [*.CSV]
Summary of Weight [*.CSV]
Summary of Materials [*.CSV]

Producer website...



IntelliTurn is a vehicle turning software simulates vehicle turning at low speed and determines vehicle tire tracking and swept paths. Its useful in the design of road intersections, parking lots and other vehicular facilities. Producer website...



StairDesigner is a versatile stair design software for progeCAD.
You can build spiral stairs, straight flights, turning stairs with winders, curved stairs, central cut string stairs and more. stair Designer can be used for wood, metal or stone stairbuilding. Special functions are included for drawing stair parts (wood or marble) covering concrete stairs. Producer website...