progeCAD Developer Reference

You can customize progeCAD by adding custom programs written in any of several programming languages that run within progeCAD, including TX, LISP, Solutions Development System™ (SDS™). With progeCAD, you can run many programs originally created for use with AutoCAD. Specifically, you can use programs written entirely in AutoLISP with no modification.

progeCAD supports AutoCAD DIESEL programming language to customize the status bar, menus, and more.

progeCAD supports the AutoCAD dialog control language (DCL), which is used by AutoLISP functions to define the look of dialog boxes. You can use all DCL files unmodified within progeCAD.

To write applications in C or C++, progeCAD uses SDS, a C/C++ language interface compatible with the AutoCAD Development System (ADS) interface in AutoCAD.

For more information about adding custom programs to progeCAD in one of the compatible programming languages, click the appropriate link here.

List Processing Language (LISP)

Direct Interactively Evaluated String Expression Language (DIESEL)

Dialog Control Language (DCL)

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)