What's new in progeCAD

What's new in progeCAD

New in progeCAD

 New engine based on IntelliCAD 12.1

 Increased speed of opening drawings containing many blocks or external references.

 Multilingual translator. New progeCAD text translator that uses the web service based on Google Translate.

 Advanced Blocks (analog Dynamic Blocks). Use the block editor command to create and edit Advanced Blocks using parameters, actions and visibility states like AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks.

 New Express commands QBREAK (Intersection Quick Break) and EBREAK (Auto Intersection Quick Break). Trim all entities to the intersection of a cutting entity in a single operation using the quick trim command.  

 Rubber sheeting. New functions for image editing (Raster Design).

 New Express command CHBLOCKBASEPOINT. Change Block Base Point

 New Express command INSERTPOINTSVALUES. Write coordinate values near the selected point entities.

 New 3D AEC Architectural module. Compatible with AutoCADAEC Objects. The new AEC package allows you to draw 3D architectural elements.

 Improved Tables. New functions for managing cell border format.

 Commands preview. When using the Offset, Trim, and Extend commands, you can see a preview of the results.

 New Layers Manager Palette with some improvements.

 New DATAEXTRACTION with new functions.

 New Options dialog in AutoCAD Style (optional: the OPTIONSMODE system variable allows you to use the new or previous version of the command).  

 New BIM Importer for Autodesk Revit . Direct import of Revit files (up to v. 2024)

 IFC Export. Create IFC from DWG

 Snap entities. Use the new Geometric Center snap to find the centroid of any closed polyline or spline.

 New Printers in PDF via DWG to PDF.PC3 with more options and features.

 Drawing area. Improved handling of model space viewports. Click and drag the border of a Model Space viewport to resize it.

 Improved Quick Properties.

 Splines improvements. Draw splines using control.

 New command LAYVPI for Layouts. Use the layer isolate viewports freeze command to freeze the layers of selected entities in all layout viewports except the current viewport.

 New 3D command PROJECTGEOMETRY. Create a projection of lines, curves, or points on a three-dimensional solid, surface, or region using a direction you specify.

 .NET:  Access many new .net classes, methods, and properties.

 ARX API:  the new API framework compatible with AutoCAD ARX Classes which makes extremely easier the porting of AutoCAD applications to progeCAD.

 Improved command CONVTONURBS. Convert surfaces and 3d solids to nurbs surfaces.

 New command TFRAMES. You can display or hide the frames of all images and wipeouts.