Programming progeCAD

progeCAD supports more AutoCAD application programming interfaces (APIs) than any other software, but not all of the AutoCAD APIs are available in progeCAD. The following table summarizes the AutoCAD APIs progeCAD supports.

progeCAD support of the AutoCAD programming interface

AutoCAD programming interface

progeCAD support

Scripts (SCR files)


AutoLISP (LSP files)


Dialog Control Language (DCL files)


AutoCAD Development System (ADS)

Supported; source code must be recompiled

Visual Basic Applications (VBA)

Supported, depending on your version of progeCAD

Direct Interactively Evaluated String Expression Language (Diesel)


AutoCAD SQL Interface (ASI)

Not supported

Autodesk® Threaded Language Application System Toolkit (Atlast)

Not needed

AutoCAD Runtime Extension (ARx)

Not supported

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