New in progeCAD

Intellicad 10.1 engine

The most recent IntelliCAD source code

ODA Geometry library

Improved Spline support, better boundaries recognition, fixed many geometrical issues on Trim, Chamfer, Fillet, Hatch etc.

Dynamic input feature on Grips

Dynamic input includes command prompts and measurement guides that display on the screen as you draw and edit drawings

TABLE and TABLEDIT implementation

AutoCAD like Text in-place editing, numeric Rows and alphabetical Columns. New contextual Ribbons.

Wood Details, Steel and Profiles Standards

Now available in 3D

Background map from Bing (Geolocation)

Assigns geographic location information to a drawing file. Captures a portion of the Bing online map to an object known as a map image, and embeds it in the drawing area

AutoCAD Like Solid grips

Use grips to change the size and shape of 3D solids and extruded surfaces.

Autodesk Revit 2021 Import/attach

Support for recent Revit files format

Smooth Transition

Makes a smooth animated view transition during panning, zooming, or changing view angle

Improved Array

- New Array Grips

- New contextual Array Ribbons

Search in Options and Drawing Settings Dialog

Typing the name of the options, automatically find the relative control in the form. Speed-up settings control

Sheet Set Manager

The Sheet Set Manager organizes, displays, and manages sheet sets, a named collection of drawing sheets. Each sheet in a Sheet Set is a layout in a drawing (DWG) file


Defines the type, color, effects and position of the background for the named views.

Re-factored View Manager Dialog

The new View Manager dialog has the ability to dynamically set a views background, perspective, lens length, clipping, and more

Re factored perspective mode

Improve Perspective handling and grips in Perspective views

Improved Open, Regen and Layout switch performances

Incremental Save (Experimental)

It updates only those portions of an already-saved drawing file that you've changed. This improves the Save time

Improved Osnap

Faster and more accurate Osnap points detection


Displays a specified tool palette or palette group. Improve GUI customization.

Improved MTEXT

- Add "Strikethrough" option

- Insert text only functionality. Paste Special formatting

- Clear formatting feature

- Text Symbols Subscript and Superscript are added

- Added "Paragraph" dialog

Spell check on the fly

Multiline text, Multileader or Table text are automatically checked for spelling while typing

GROUP handling

- GROUPEDIT: Add, Remove and rename features for Groups

- Group Grips: improved visualization of Groups


Calculate the total Area of selected closed entities

Improved Dynamic Blocks handling

New insertion options supported


Imports 2D-3D points with specified coordinates from a .txt or .csv file into a drawing. Points can be imported as separate point entities, as vertices of a polyline, or as vertices of a spline.

Improved 3DConnexion mouse support

Optimize selection performance


Import/Export of all progeCAD Variables

Improved performance for Lisp GRDRAW

NET PalettesSet feature

.NET API to create palettes with .NET controls on it

Improved CUI Dialog for customization

ODA SDKs version 2020 Update 2