progeCAD Architecture is designed to help you draw buildings in 2D/3D directly in the DWG file format and in the friendly AutoCAD-like environment.

Parametric objects

Artisan_vimeo.pngprogeCAD Architecture's building elements and objects are parametric: by double-clicking on an object, you can modify its properties.

3D stairs in a few clicks

progeCAD Architecture allows to create 3D staircases in a few clicks and easily modify them double-clicking an object and introducing new values through parametric object dialogs.

2D drawings from 3D models

In progeCAD Architecture you can generate from your 3D project all the 2D working drawings: floor plans, elevations, cross sections and perspective views.

3D model walktrough

Create a virtual tour of your rendered 3D project with progeCAD Architecture.

Bill of materials

Bill of materials makes available all the data relating to quantities and types of building materials in order to calculate the cost of your project.

BIM technology with CAD interface

With progeCAD Architecture you get the benefits of BIM technology not renouncing the industry standard format working directly with the DWG file format.

Easier and faster 2D and 3D design

Even when 3D is not important in your work, with progeCAD Architecture 2D drawing is faster than in AutoCAD.

3D roofs in a few clicks

progeCAD Architecture allows to create 3D roofs in a few clicks and easily modify them by double-clicking an object and introducing new values through the parametric object dialogs.

Advanced rendering

progeCAD Architecture provides Optical Render Mode based on ray tracing technology which produces advanced photorealistic images.

Ground modeling

progeCAD Architecture offers a series of commands to create a 3D terrain model, import points from the Tachymeter data text file, calculate the quantity of excavation or fill material to be involved in your project.

Setting the environment

How to start a new architectural project with progeCAD Architecture.

Walls and openings (part 2)

How to design and modify architectural elements like walls, doors and windows.

3D Staircases

progeCAD Architecture allows to model staircases, roofs, rails and vertical or horizontal elements of any type and shape.

3D Roofs

progeCAD Architecture allows to easily shape any type of a 3D roof and also create personalized forms.

Cross sections

progeCAD Architecture offers a full control over your design process both on a 3D model and on all the project 2D drawings.


progeCAD Architecture produces high-quality photorealistic scenes using a rich library of real materials with texture (e.g. marble, wood, stone, carpets etc.) , adjustable if necessary.

Circular staircase

progeCAD Architecture allows to model staircases of any type and shape in an easy and quick way. Design spiral staircases.

Advanced roof

progeCAD Architecture allows to model roofs of any type and shape in an easy and quick way. Designing and modifying roofs of complex shapes.

Walls and openings (Part 1)

progeCAD Architecture allows to design directly on a 3D building model freely shaping and manipulating in real time such architectural elements as walls, doors, windows etc.

Beams and Slabs

Create slabs, columns and beams in progeCAD Architecture.

Design and modify in 3D views

This video guide is about how to design directly in a 3D view with the turned on HIDE command.


Design a gable or modify an existing roof adding to it a gable with progeCAD Architecture.

Copy floor

With progeCAD Architecture you can easily model a 3D building copying the project elements from one level to another.

Free route stairs

Design free-shaped staircases and ramps.

Draw with Polyline

Create complex architectural objects using Polylines.

Screen drawing

How to create and share project views and save files of axonometric views in the DWG file format.

User Guide

progecad-architecture-manual_cover.jpgProgeCAD Architecture - User guide.

Quick Start

progecad-architecture-english-quickstart-guide.jpgprogeCad Architecture - Quick start guide.


progecad-architecture-english-brochure.jpgprogeCAD Architecture - Brochure.

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