Using true colors

There are more than 16 million true colors from which you can choose. True colors are defined using 24-bit color.

Even with so many colors available, you can quickly choose a color from the display of basic colors or by clicking the color palette. Alternatively, if you know the values used to define the desired color, you can enter the Hue, Saturation, and Luminance (HSL) values, or you can enter the Red, Green, Blue (RGB) values.

To select a true color

   1   Click Select Color in the desired dialog box, such as Layers, Drawing Settings, Properties, or Multiline Text.

The Color dialog box opens.

   2   Click the True Color tab.

   3   Do one of the following:

    Click a basic true color.

    Click a true color in the color palette.

    Enter HSL values for the desired true color.

    Enter RGB values for the desired true color.

    4    Click OK.