Drawing rays

A ray is a line in three-dimensional space that starts at a point and extends to infinity. Because rays extend to infinity, they are not calculated as part of the drawing extents. The default method for drawing a ray is to select the start point of the ray and then specify its direction. You can draw a ray in any of the following ways:

    Horizontal draws the ray parallel to the x-axis of the current user coordinate system (UCS).

    Vertical draws the ray parallel to the y-axis of the current UCS.

    Angle draws the ray parallel to a specified angle.

    Bisect draws the ray perpendicular to an existing entity.

    Offset draws the ray parallel to an existing entity.

To draw a ray

   1   Do one of the following to choose Ray ():

    On the ribbon, choose Home > Ray or choose Draw > Ray.

    On the menu, choose Draw > Ray.

    On the Draw toolbar, click the Ray tool.

    Type ray and then press Enter.

   2   Specify the start point.

   3   Specify the direction.

   4   To complete the command, press Enter.


Start point (A) and direction (B).