Here below is a list of our Customers’ references regarding their experiences with progeCAD.

Many companies from a wide variety of industries have chosen progeCAD thanks to the software perfect offering in terms of value for money.

Among the most distinguished companies: ABB, Aker Yards, Schneider Electric to name but a few.

Check here the list of major progeCAD Customers.

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ABB Group

Power and automation technologies

"ABB started with progeCAD in the year 2000. ABB has distributed around 15,000 licenses of progeCAD to run our specific application for the Electrical environment; we are also using hundreds of licenses as a CAD base. Our choice for progeCAD was mainly based on the importance of the DWG format and our users past experiences on AutoCAD®. The most important benefits are related to the easy and profitable drawing sharing, thanks to the standard DWG format support".

Ing. Maurizio Falsone

Aker Yards


"We have several ship yards in Norway and also in other countries. Mainly we use progeCAD for users that require to view drawings of various sections of the ships and also for those who require to make minor alterations. Most of the designers use Autocad, but this program is not suitable for example for the production department".

Mrs. Pamela Sandvik

Schneider Electric

Electricity and Automation Management

"progeCAD is essential for small orders deployment and block management in mechanical equipment. With progeCAD, Schneider Electric can observe all market standards, guarantee DWG compatibility, and manage multisheet drawings for a low cost".

Ing. Graziano Vimercati

Campari spa

Drink and beverage

"In 2002 Campari started an internal project on new packaging design for worldwide distribution. We chose progeCAD for a number of reasons. The most important were: DWG compatibility, usability, some specific features such as PDF print, and obviously the price".

Mr. Fabio Baraldi

Raypack Inc

Industrial Equipment - Boilers, Water Heaters and Pool Heaters

"After trying progeCAD, I was so impressed with the compatibility with AutoCAD® and that it did some things better than AutoCAD®. When our company needed to upgrade ACAD, I told our department about progeCAD Professional and how it is about one third the cost and out performs AutoCAD®, they were excited. Gradually we upgraded ACAD to progeCAD Professional. There is little if any learning curve to achieve the same or better results. I highly recommend progeCAD to anyone seeking a full featured CAD program at a reasonable price. The Customer Service has also been superb!".

Mr. Richard Nash

Arch. Mr P.R.S. Sivakumar

Architect & Interior Designer 

"Now coming to progeCAD and its latest stalwart version - progeCAD 2016. YES, it is a stalwart version! Rock solid software, fast & efficient - even on lean hardware computers - as against the expensive CAD - even the lighter version of that CAD today requires a basic workstation class computer to do even 2D drawings - whereas progeCAD 2016 would run on a lower end laptop also. I consider this as a very important factor as it is not possible to revamp the entire computer setup in an office every 2 or 3 years - not a practicality in India. [...] We routinely produce not less than 300 detailed drawing sheets for an individual Bungalow/Villa and about 1000 drawings for star hotels etc. And we have not had any trouble doing these on progeCAD nor any loss of productivity when compared with the expensive CAD.  [...] If somebody asked me on sustainability with running cad programs, then progeCAD is the way to go. One would never regret - it is an investment rather than an expenditure".

Arch. Mr P.R.S. Sivakumar

Arch. Mr Prachi Powale


"I got to know about progeCAD through search engine. I went through many reviews written worldwide and got positive impression about the software. When I saw it’s price in India I was actually shocked. I downloaded the trial version and bought the full version within 2days. As I started using the software I realized it is truly an affordable alternative for the expensive CAD softwares (I had also contacted suppliers of other options), and for someone like me who has a small scale requirement it’s existence is a blessing.  [...] I have used it for last two weeks and I have produced all sorts of architectural drawings which I require. Working with progeCAD is almost same as on AutoCAD® so there is no need for learning something new. I am very happy with my decision and completely satisfied with the product. [...] I will recommend progeCAD to everyone in my professional circle. ………amazing people , great service and a wonderful product".

Arch. Mr Prachi Powale

freccia.png Check here the list of major progeCAD Customers.