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Working with drawings

Polar Snap tracking

During the creation or modification of the objects, it's possible to use the polar Pointing to view the temporary alignment trajectories defined by the specified polar angles and execute the snap of the distances specified among the alignment trajectory.

To set On or Off Polar Tracking
  1. Push the button in the status bar.
  2. NOTE The function is active when the button appears as recessed.




Polar button (A)



To set the polar pointing angles
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Choose Tools > Drawing Settings, tab Coordinate Input and then in Change settings for select Polar Snap.
  3. On the status bar on the Polar button, click the mouse right button then choose Setting.
  4. In the list increasing Angle, select the polar pointing angle.
  5. To set additional pointing angles, select Additional Angle. Click on New and digit the angle value in the text box.
  6. In the section Polar Angle Measurement, specify if the polar pointing increments are based on UCS or are related to the last object created.
  7. Choose Ok button.
To acquire a point with Polar
  1. Make sure that the Polar button, placed on the status bar, is set as On.
  2. It's possible to change the Polar setting by pushing the related button on the status bar.
  3. Lay down the setting desired for the point acquirement, See To set the polar pointing angles.
  4. Start a drawing or change command.
  5. After having specified the first point, while the cursor it's mowed to the following point/points, note the hatched polar pointed line displayed in correspondence to the pointing angles set. Now it's possible to proceed in one of the following ways:
  6. Click on the mouse left button to specify the desired point on the trajectory.
  7. Digit a distance when the trajectory gets sketched and press Enter.
  8. ATTENTION The specified points are conformed to the polar pointing angle while the line is displayed as hatched.

Acquired point.

Point on the path.

  1. NOTE To toggle polar settings on and off at any time, click the POLAR button on the status bar or press F10.