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Introduction - Comparing progeCAD and CAD to manual drafting

Drawing efficiently

In paper-based, manual drafting, you often have to redraw the same entity several times at different scales or from different vantage points. You may also need to redraw the border and title block on each new sheet.

One of the most powerful features of progeCAD is that when you create a drawing, you can reuse individual entities, borders, and title blocks as often as you want. You need draw an entity only once; the final printed drawing can show the entity at several different scales and viewpoints.

progeCAD provides two drawing environments, or workspaces: model space and paper space. You usually begin working in model space, creating the drawing (a floor plan, a map, or a three-dimensional part) without regard to the final layout on paper. When you are ready to print your drawing, you have the option to switch to paper space, where you lay out the drawing as you want it to appear on a sheet of paper. For example, you can insert a drawing file that contains the standard border and title block that you created. You can define and arrange multiple views of the drawing at appropriate scales and with specific portions visible or invisible--again, without having to redraw the border and title block for each view.


You create the basic drawing in model space.


When you're ready to print or plot your drawing, you can switch to paper space, where you arrange the drawing as you want it to appear on a sheet of paper.