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Working with drawings - Using entity snaps

Intersection Snap tool

Use the Intersection Snap tool to snap to the actual intersection in three-dimensional space of any combination of entities. You can snap to the combination of an arc, circle, line, polyline, ray, infinite line, ellipse, elliptical arc, spline, hatch pattern, polygon mesh, or polyface mesh. You can also snap to an intersection point within a single entity, including a polyline or spline.

The Extended Intersection Snap option snaps to the logical location where two entities (lines, arcs, or elliptical segments) would intersect if they were of infinite length. progeCAD automatically uses the extension option only when you type int in the command bar (not the full intersection command name) after selecting a command, such as Line or Circle. Dashed extension lines are drawn to help show the extended intersection.

NOTE There are two types of intersection snaps. You can set the Intersection Snap or Apparent Intersection Snap, but you cannot use both at the same time.
To set the Intersection Snap
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Choose Object > Entity Snap > Intersection Snap.
  3. On the Object Snaps toolbar, click the Snap to Intersection tool (
  4. ).
Type intersection and then press Enter.

To snap to an intersection, select the intersection ( A ).

To snap to an extended intersection point
  1. Choose a command, for example, line.
  2. Type int and then press Enter.
  3. Select an extended intersection point.
  4. The Extended Intersection Snap turns off automatically after you select a point.