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Working with drawings - Using entity snaps

Setting entity snaps

You can set entity snaps using any of the following methods:

Choose Format > Entity Snap, and choose the entity snap you want to set.

On the Object Snaps toolbar, click one of the entity snap tools or Object Snap Settings tool(

  • In the command bar, type an entity snap command.
  • In the status bar, click ESNAP.
Press and hold down the Shift key while right-clicking anywhere within the drawing window to display the entity snap shortcut menu, and then choose the entity snap you want to set.
  1. You can also set entity snaps using the Drawing Settings dialog box. To do this, choose Format > Entity Snap > Entity Snap Settings. The Drawing Settings dialog box is displayed with the Coordinate Input tab active. In the Entity Snap Modes list, click the check box for each of the entity snaps that you want to set.
  2. TIP When you select an entity snap, a check mark appears next to the entity snap in the menu, the associated tool in the Entity Snaps toolbar is active, and the corresponding box is checked in the Coordinate tab of the Drawing Settings dialog box.
  1. Sets the From Snap
  2. Sets the Endpoint Snap.
  3. Sets the Midpoint Snap.
  4. Sets the Intersection Snap.
  5. Sets the Plan View Intersection Snap.
  6. Sets the Center Snap.
  7. Sets the Quadrant Snap.
  8. Sets the Tangent Snap.
  1. Sets the Perpendicular Snap.
  2. Sets the Parallel Snap.
  3. Sets the Insertion Point Snap.
  4. Sets the Node Snap.
  5. Sets the Nearest Snap.
  6. Sets the Clear Entity Snaps.
  7. Object Snap Settings.