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Working with drawings - Using the grid, snap alignment and cursor restriction

Changing the snap and grid angle and base point

The snap and grid are both normally based on the drawing origin, the 0,0 coordinate in the World Coordinate System (WCS). You can relocate the snap and grid origin, however, to help you draw entities in relation to a different location. You can also rotate the grid to a different angle to realign the crosshairs to the new grid angle. If the grid is on, and the grid spacing is 0,0, then the grid defaults to the snap spacing.

To change the snap angle and base point
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Choose Tools > Drawing Settings.
  3. Type settings and then press Enter.
  4. Click the Coordinate Input tab.
  5. Under Change Settings For, select Snap And Grid.
  6. Under Snap Settings, click the Snap check box to turn Snap on.
  7. Under Reference Grid, click the Show Grid check box to turn Show Grid on.
  8. Under Snap And Grid Settings, in the X Origin field, type the x-coordinate of the new snap origin.
  9. Under Snap And Grid Settings, in the Y Origin field, type the y-coordinate of the new snap origin.
  10. Under Snap And Grid Settings, in the Rotation field, type the grid rotation angle.
  11. Click OK

    Default grid and snap alignment. Rotated grid and snap alignment.