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Working with drawings

Working with colors

An entity's color determines how it is displayed and, if you are using a color printer, how it prints. Entities are created in the current color specified for the drawing.

Layers can also control the color of entities. When you open a new drawing, entities are created in the color BYLAYER, which adopts the color of the current layer. Ini-tially, layer 0 is both the only layer and the current layer. Its default color is white, so your entities appear as white.

For entities and layers in progeCAD, there are three different types of colors:

Index colors

True colors

Color book colors

Note True colors and color books are unavailable in some cases, such as dimension entities and cursor display.

You can choose colors by selecting them from the Color dialog box. In the command bar or in some dialog boxes, you specify a color either by name or by number.