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Working with drawings - Setting up a drawing

Setting the current lineweight

Lineweights help differentiate the purpose of one line from another. Lineweights determine how thick or thin entities appear both on the screen and when printed. Every drawing has these lineweights: DEFAULT, BYLAYER, BYBLOCK, and many additional lineweights in millimeters (or you can use inches).

When you create an entity, it is created using the current lineweight. By default, the current lineweight for a new entity is BYLAYER. This means that the entity lineweight is determined by the current layer. When you assign BYLAYER, changing a layer's lineweight changes the lineweight of all the entities assigned that layer (if they were created using the lineweight BYLAYER).

You can also select a specific lineweight (or DEFAULT) as the current lineweight, which overrides the layer's lineweight setting. Entities are then created using that lineweight (or the DEFAULT lineweight), and changing the layer lineweight has no effect on them.

As a third option, you can use the lineweight BYBLOCK property, in which case new entities are drawn using the DEFAULT lineweight until you group them into a block. The entities then inherit the block's lineweight setting when you insert the block into a drawing.

If you choose a lineweight that is less than .025 millimeter, it displays as one pixel when you create your drawing. When you print your drawing, it prints at the thinnest lineweight that is available for your printer.

You cannot assign lineweights to planes, points, TrueType fonts, or raster images (if supported in your version of progeCAD).

To set the current lineweight
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Choose Tools > Drawing Settings.
  3. Type settings and then press Enter.
  4. Click the Entity Creation tab.
  5. In the Lineweight list, choose the lineweight that you want to make current.
  6. Click OK.
  7. TIP On the status bar, right-click the word BYLAYER for the current lineweight, and then choose the current lineweight. You can also click the word LWT to toggle the display of lineweights on and off.
  1. NOTE To see lineweights in your drawing, you may need to turn on lineweights. For details, See Controlling the display of lineweights.