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Working with drawings - Setting up a drawing

Locking and unlocking layers

Locking a layer makes it easy to refer to information contained on the layer, but prevents you from accidentally modifying its entities. When a layer is locked (but visible and thawed), its entities remain visible, but you cannot edit them. If you lock the current layer, you can still add new entities to it. You can also change the linetype and color associated with a locked layer. Unlocking a layer restores full editing capabilities. For details See Locking and unlocking layers.

To lock or unlock layers
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Choose Format > Layer.
  3. On the Entity Properties toolbar, click the Explore Layers tool.
  4. Type layer and then press Enter.
  5. In the Layer Name list, select the layers you want to lock or unlock.
  6. Clic on lock or unlock icon.
  7. To complete the command and return to your drawing, close the window.
Remove Layers
  1. You can remove unused layers from your drawing with PURGE or by deleting them from the Layer Properties Manager. You can't delete layers 0 and DEFPOINTS, layers containing objects (including objects in block definitions), the current layer, and xref-dependent layers.