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Appendix - Understanding AutoCAD compatibility

Importing and exporting customization files

You can continue using aliases and menu files from AutoCAD by importing the appropriate file. You can import AutoCAD customization files and export progeCAD formats using the Customize dialog box. All of the files listed in the following table are in ASCII format, which means you can view and edit them with a text editor, such as Notepad.

Customizing files


Import file formats

Export file formats


PGP: AutoCAD aliases
ICA: progeCAD aliases

PGP: AutoCAD aliases


ICK: progeCAD keyboard

ICK: progeCAD keyboard


MNU: All AutoCAD menus
MNS: AutoCAD R13, R14 and 2000 menus
ICM: progeCAD menu

ICM: progeCAD menu


MNU: All AutoCAD menus


NOTE You can manually add toolbar customizations to a MNU file, See Customizing toolbars.for more information.