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Appendix - Understanding AutoCAD compatibility

Identifying what does not display

When a drawing containing AutoCAD entities that will not display it is loaded into progeCAD, the program displays the following message: "This drawing contains one or more entities that will not display. These entities WILL be stored and saved back into the drawing."

The following table identifies which AutoCAD objects are not displayed in progeCAD.

AutoCAD objects not displayed in progeCAD

AutoCAD object


Arc aligned text

Text that is aligned along the curve of an arc.


Point at which a camera is inserted into a drawing.


Point at which a light is inserted into a drawing.

Read text

Dynamically linked text that displays in a drawing but resides in an external file.


Tables display as anonymous blocks but cannot be edited.

Moreover you can choose:

View the proxy entities without editing them

Convert them in blocks

Convert only the proxy entities text