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Customizing progeCAD - Programming progeCAD

Using ADS applications

To write AutoCAD applications in C or C++, Autodesk uses the ADS (AutoCAD Development System). This is an API (applications programming interface) that provides a library to access AutoCAD-specific functions and drawing data.

The equivalent in progeCAD is called SDS?, the Solutions Development System?. SDS is a C/C++ language interface compatible with the ADS interface in AutoCAD. Like scripts and AutoLISP, you can run your existing ADS applications in progeCAD. Simply recompile the source code using the SDS libraries provided on the progeCAD CD-ROM, or, if you use an AutoCAD program written by a third-party vendor, contact that vendor for the progeCAD version.

progeCAD provides the Sds.H file, which redefines ADS function names to their SDS equivalents. SDS supports the AutoCAD dialog control language (DCL), which is used by ADS to define the look of a dialog box. You can use all DCL files unmodified within SDS.