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Customizing progeCAD

Customizing the keyboard

progeCAD provides keyboard shortcuts so you can access frequently used commands. You can customize these shortcuts and add new shortcuts using the Customize dialog box.

To customize the keyboard
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Choose Tools > Customize > Menu.
  3. Type customize and then press Enter.
  4. Click the Keyboard tab.
  5. To define a new shortcut key, enter the shortcut in the Press New Shortcut Key box.
  6. To define a new command string, enter the command string in the Command box.
  7. To import an existing keyboard shortcut file, click Import.
  8. To save a keyboard shortcut to a file, click Export.
  9. To add a command selected in the Available Commands pane to the shortcuts, click Add Command.
  10. To insert a new keyboard shortcut, click New.
    1. Shows shortcuts already defined.
    2. Displays the shortcut key combination when adding a new shortcut.
    1. Contains the command string assigned to the shortcut.