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Customizing progeCAD - Setting and changing options - Changing the options on the Profiles tab

Understanding the settings saved in profiles

Profiles save many settings that control the drawing environment. Once you start using a profile, it automatically tracks and stores changes that you make to your drawing environment.

Some settings are saved immediately, but some require that you exit progeCAD and then start progeCAD again. This is because profiles save settings from your computer's registry and some settings are only saved to the registry when you exit progeCAD.

Settings saved in profiles



When saved

Toolbar settings

Tools > Customize, Toolbars tab

Exit and restart of progeCAD

Menu settings

Tools > Customize, Menus tab


Keyboard settings

Tools > Customize, Keyboard tab


Alias settings

Tools > Customize, Aliases tab


Window elements on/off status and their various settings

View > Display > Command Bar

Tools > Options, Display tab

View > Display > Text Window

View > Display > Scroll Bars

View > Display > Status Bar

Exit and restart of progeCAD

Tablet configurations

Tools > Tablet


User paths

Tools > Options, Paths/Files tab


System variables

Typed in command bar

Varies -- some saved immediately and some upon exit and restart of progeCAD