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Working with drawings

Creating a new drawing

At the opening of progeCAD it is shown a mask in which is possible to decide the type of operation to undertake. In relation to the button selected in the Start mask, the access to several functions it's allowed. Hereby follows the description starting from the key on the extreme left:

Start from Scratch Choose if start by creating a new drawing with Metric setting rather then English (Feet or inches). The drawing created is empty and contains only the setting of the unit of measures chosen.

  • Use a Template It's supplied with a series of templates, pre-configured drawings as examples to start with for the creation of a new drawing. The templates contain cartouches, some in the template space and some other in the paper space with different dimensions and orientation. It's possible to replace them with others personalized in according to specific needs. To chance the path in which the templates are created it's enough to click on the button Select and choose the path with the new templates. In case we would have to occasionally choose a prototype it will be enough to act on Browse.
  • Use a Wizard If the intention is to specify the different characteristics that the starting drawing will have to have, it's possible to use that tool that allows to select the available options during the advancement among the different screens. To scroll and configure the different options it's enough to act on the button Next and on the controls displayed during the process until the end.
  • Open a drawing Allows analyzing the working session choosing an existing drawing from the list of last drawings opened or by the Thumb button.
  • No matter which choice has been made, to confirm is necessary to press the button OK.

To be able to use a template as a base for a new drawing, offers many advantages:

Can be used pre-determined unit of measure, grid configurations, text heights and other configurations suitable for the type of drawing to be executed.

Can be defined special layers.

Can be included pre-defined blocks and borders.

To create a new drawing based on a template
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Choose File > New.
  3. Type pnew and then press Enter.
  4. In the Start dialog:
  5. If the template is one among the pre-defined ones, click on the button Use a Template (the second button starting from the left), choose one from the displayed list and press OK. To change the pre-defined path where the templates are, click on the button Select then specify one of them and press OK. If the template is not present on the list and it's not needed to define the path of the model to be used as default, use the Browse button, select the requested prototype and press Open.
  6. If it's needed a completely empty prototype click on the button Start from Scratch (the first button from the left) then choose the setting (metric or English) and confirm with OK.