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Customizing progeCAD - Setting and changing options - Changing the options on the Paths/Files tab

Specifying the user paths

You can enter paths to your progeCAD directories by typing them into a Location field in the Options dialog box. This feature includes directories for drawings, fonts, help, external references, menus, hatch patterns, blocks, print style tables, print output files, temporary files, templates and color books. progeCAD searches directories for support files in the following order:

The progeCAD program directory.

The current drawing directory.

The Windows search path.

The search path specified in the Options dialog box.
  1. You can enter multiple paths for each item. If, for example, the Drawings item has more than one directory associated with it, you can specify multiple paths by separating them with a semicolon. progeCAD searches the directories in the order in which they are listed.
To specify a user path
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Choose Tools > Options.
  3. Type config and then press Enter.
  4. Click the Paths/Files tab.
  5. Under Location, click the item in the User Paths list whose path you want to specify, and type the path.

If you do not know the path or directory name, click Browse, and then browse to the location of the directory you want.

  1. When you have finished, click OK.