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Image overview

progeCAD supplies the tools that make the management of the images easier, making the job more simple and effective. The images can be inserted, loaded, downloaded, updated, correlated, georeferenced, trimmed or deleted from the drawing as desired.

These images are selected for the use with progeCAD commands through their frame that can be set as On or Off for selection or printing reasons. If the image isn't required in the drawing anymore, it will be possible to remove it.

ProgeCAD Image manager allows selecting the color transparence to be able to view the ones under through the first images. The command Arrangement allows to easily put in first or second place the images in the drawings.

Among the image formats that can be managed in the drawing have been introduced ECW and JPG2000. The compression format ECW, acronyms of Enhanced Compressed Wavelet, has a diffuse standard to compress high dimension images, used very much in the geomatic field and developed by ER Mapper. The JPG2000 compression format, also based on Wavelet technology, has an international ISO standard, developed by Joint Photographic Expert Group (JPEG).

Thanks to the compression technique used, the result is the equivalent of a pyramidal image (in which the datum is present with more resolutions) without the waste of space connected to the storage of additional data. The data reading time and the time for the extraction of a raster datum portion at the resolution wanted for a correct view, are basically independent from the dimension of the overall image. The compression of lossless data, not involving any data losses, allows recovering all the information and exactly remake the original datum starting from the compressed datum. This characteristic is essential in all those application where it's important to keep unchanged the pixel values of the images.