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Working with other programs - Using progeCAD data in other programs

Sending drawings through e-mail

You can send an progeCAD drawing to another user via e-mail. progeCAD is compatible with e-mail programs that support the Messaging Application Program Interface (MAPI) protocol.

To include a drawing file in an e-mail message
  1. While the drawing file is open, choose File > Send.

If your mail program is not already running, it starts; a new e-mail message containing the progeCAD icon and file name appears.

  1. Address the e-mail, type a message, and send the e-mail message as you would any other message.
To view a progeCAD file sent by e-mail
  • Open the e-mail message, and then double-click the progeCAD icon.
  • NOTE progeCAD software must be installed on the computer used to open drawings in e-mail.