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Transmittal setups

The Transmittal Setups button allows to save settings of a transmission package.


If you need to send transmission packages several times within one project it is better to save the Transmittal Setups. The Transmittal Setups dialog box shows you a list of saved settings that you can choose every time when you transmit a group of files. The default Transmittal Setup is Standard.

To create new Transmittal Setups
  1. Press the New button...
  1. Indicate some name for the new settings and press Continue
  2. There will appear a dialog box with options of Transmittal Setups
  1. Choose transmission options and press OK to confirm.
  2. These settings allow to:
  3. · Compress the transmission package in a ZIP file or in a folder that is copied to a specified location.
  4. · Specify if the folder structure of the transmission files should be organized according to a logical hierarchy, inserted in a single folder, or copied to the addressee's computer "as is". If a FTP or http destination is specified, the transmission package uses the single folder option.
  5. · Include .shx fonts used in the drawing, add password protection to the transmission package, set the default printer to "none" and send automatically an email after the transmission package creation is completed.
  6. To conclude the transmission package creation select Transmittal Setups in the main dialog box and press the OK button.
  7. After having created the transmission package you can make it available through the Internet or you can send it to other users in an email attachment. If you send the transmission package via email, there is an option in the Modify Transmittal Setups dialog box that launches automatically the default system email application when selected. When the transmission package is created, it is automatically attached to a new email together with a transmission report file.
  8. Note: Any fully specified (absolute) paths of dependent files are converted to relative paths or "no path" to ensure that the drawing file can identify the dependent files.