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Working with other programs - Using progeCAD data in other programs


With the help of eTransmit you can prepare a file package for Internet transmission.
When sending drawing files to other users it is necessary to attach even related dependent files such as xrefs and text fonts. In some cases the lack of these files makes it impossible for an addressee to use drawing files. Dependent files in eTransmit are automatically included in the transmission package, reducing eventual errors. It is possible to remove automatically added files or add manually files that you want to include in the transmission package.

Most common files that are included in the transmission package are immages, print styles, line types and text fonts.

Note: If you want to send only a .dwg file, you can use the Send command from the File menu.
To create a group of files for transmission
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Select File > eTransmit
  3. Type etransmit and then press Enter.
  1. In the dialog box Create Transmission you will see two tabs where you can view and change the files that are to be added to the transmission package.
  2. Files Tree. A list of files is presented in this tab. You can expand or fold each drawing file in the list to view related dependent files that are added automatically in the transmission package. It is possible to remove the dependent files that you do not want to include in the transmission package.
  3. Files Table. There is a summary table presented in this tab with the files, paths of relative folders and files details. You can select or deselect each file obtaining thus a direct control over the contents of the transmission package.
  4. Enter notes to include with this transmittal package. You can add notes and comments for a person who receives the transmission package. Besides, a .txt report file is generated automatically and contains a list of the files present in the transmission package. The contents of this report are displayed when you click on the View Report button.
  5. Choose files to add to the package and confirm them pressing the OK button.