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Working with other programs - Using progeCAD data in other programs

Dragging progeCAD drawings into other programs

If the other program in which you want to include progeCAD drawings is compatible with ActiveX, an alternative to pasting drawings with menu commands is to drag drawing file icons from Windows Explorer into the other document. Dragging and dropping drawings does not use the Clipboard, so data on the Clipboard is not affected.

When you drag an progeCAD drawing file from Windows Explorer, you link or embed the entire drawing in the other document. When you drag the file, the cursor changes in response to the action you take.

How the cursor changes

Cursor appearance



Drag to embed the selected file to the other document.


Cannot drop drawings in that document.

NOTE Before you drag a drawing, position the Windows Explorer window and the other program's window so you can see the file icon and the document in which you want to drop it.
To drag and embed drawings into another document
Select the icon for the drawing file, and then drag the drawing into the document.