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Working with other programs - Using data from other programs in progeCAD drawings

Import RedLine from progeCAD Viewer Dwg

If some notes (Red line), have been added to a drawing viewed by progeCAD Viewer Dwg, these will be stored in an external file in the same position on the drawing file disk, with the same name but extension *.rl (Red line).

When is tried the opening of a drawing and in the same folder is contained a file with the same name but with extension *.rl, progeCAD will ask the user if import the notes founded (Red Line) or not.


By answering in a positive way, the notes inserted by progeCAD Viewer Dwg. will be restored in the drawing.

NOTE If after the import it would be decided to save the drawing, the information related to the notes will become part of the drawing and it will be no longer needed the use of the file with extension *.rl.

If, at the request of import the answer would be negative or the file with extension*.rl wouldn't be in the same position of the drawing file, it will be possible to proceed to a next importation.

To import the Red Line in a drawing
  1. Open the drawing in which is intended to import the notes (Red Line).
  2. Do one of the following:
  3. Choose Insert > Import RedLine.
  4. Type bindrl, and then press Enter.
  5. From the viewed mask select the *.rl file to be imported and choose Open.