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Working with other programs - Using data from other programs in progeCAD drawings

Editing an embedded or linked object from within progeCAD

You can modify an embedded or linked object in its original program from within progeCAD. When you modify an embedded object, you change the object only in progeCAD, not its original file (if you pasted the object from an existing file). When you modify a linked file, however, you open and change the original file.

Most programs include a submenu of actions you can perform on an embedded or linked ActiveX object. Usually, the commands for editing ActiveX objects are Edit and Open. If the object is embedded and its program supports in-place editing, the Edit command opens the object in place. The Open command opens the object in the full program window. In progeCAD, this command appears at the bottom of the Edit menu.

To edit an embedded or linked object
  • In the progeCAD drawing, double-click the object.
  • If the object is embedded and the program in which you created the object supports in-place editing, the object opens in place.
  • If the object is linked, or if its program does not support in-place editing, the other program opens in its full window and displays the object.