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O2C Converter

The o2c Converter allows progeCAD users to easily save their 3 dimensional projects as .o2c files, which in turn can be viewed on any system with the o2c-Player OCX control installed.

The Converter extracts geometry information from your progeCAD drawing along with additional properties assigned to 3D entities (like material and texture) and saves it in the .o2c file format. It gives you unparalleled possibilities available through the o2c-Player like:

Real time rotation of the object Now you can freely rotate the 3D object in real-time simply by mouse dragging in the o2c-Player window.

Virtual walk You can "walk" around/through the 3D object and look at it from different sides.

Photo realistic rendering After setting the desired position of the object in the o2c-Player window you - can with just a single mouse click - render the current view using powerful ray-tracing algorithm and/or save it to disk in desired resolution (even 2000x2000 pixels and more).