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Toolbar: Render > Background (


Menu: View > Render > Background.



The Background Properties window allows you to specify the background or backdrop for your image. It is essentially identical to the Material Assignment window except that it applies to the background instead of surfaces in the drawing. The background is an infinite plane behind the rest of your drawing. A variety of background options are available as described below. By default, no background is used and the background will appear black. Note that the background is an infinite, planar surface and will reflect off of any reflective surfaces in your model. The background is not affected by lighting however, so no shadows or highlights will be seen on the background.

You can access the Background Properties window using any of the toolbar, menu or keyboard commands shown above. The Background Properties window includes two different tabbed worksheets and a preview area as illustrated below. The first tab is entitled Material Library and allows you to select from among a variety of predefined materials for the background. This tab also includes buttons that allow you to create new materials or edit existing ones. The second tab is titled Material Mapping and is used to control the scaling and positioning of the material on the background.

The quickest way to get started specifying a background is to select from among the predefined materials available on the Material Library tab. The available predefined materials are shown in a file selection box on the left-hand side of the window. Folders in the file selection box can be opened or closed by clicking on the plus or minus sign to the left of the folder name. Individual materials can be selected by clicking on the name (ending in ".tex"). Once you click on the material name, a preview image will be shown in the right-hand-side area, and the properties for that material will be loaded. You can then click on the "OK" button to accept the properties, or you can click on the Material Mapping tab to adjust the way the material is mapped to the surface.

The Brightness slider on the far right side of the window adjusts the brightness of the image in the preview window. Moving the slider tab up will increase the brightness and moving it down will make the preview image darker. It does not in any way affect the rendering of the model.

The Clear Assignment button at the bottom left of the window allows you to remove the background material altogether. If this is done, the background will then be rendered as black.

Background settings are stored in the drawing.