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Getting started

Customizing progeCAD

You can tailor many aspects of progeCAD to better suit your needs. For example, you can easily create and modify toolbars by simply dragging and dropping icons. progeCAD stores your customized settings in the Windows registry rather than in a separate file.

progeCAD supports the most important AutoCAD customization files, including linetypes, hatch patterns, text fonts, the unit conversion file, menus, toolbars, and aliases. In addition, progeCAD unifies four AutoCAD customization functions with a single customize command: command aliases, keyboard shortcuts, menus, and toolbars.

You can also add custom programs written in any of several programming languages, including the following:

LISP (the program's Autodesk AutoLISP-compatible language)

SDS (the program's Autodesk ADS-compatible language)


VBA (Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications)