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Full Render Command

Toolbar: Render > Full Render (


Menu: View > Render >Full Render.


The Full Render command starts the rendering process and generates a rendered image of the current drawing. The Full Render command generates the highest quality image and generally includes shadow effects, transparency, and reflections. The rendered image is displayed overtop the drawing window and is displayed incrementally while it is processed. At any time during the rendering process, you can cancel the rendering by typing the escape (Esc) key. Once the image has been displayed, it will be overwritten if you zoom or pan the display or if another window is popped-up in front of the progeCAD window. The image can be redrawn (without the rendering delay) by using the "Redisplay Last Image" command on the Render Settings window. The rendered image can also be saved to a file from the Render Settings window.