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Drawing in three dimensions

Viewing entities in three dimensions

You can view a progeCAD drawing from any position in three-dimensional space. From any selected viewing position, you can add new entities or modify existing enti¬ties. You can also generate hidden-line and shaded views from any viewing position.

Setting the viewing direction
  1. You view three-dimensional drawings by setting the viewing direction. The viewing direction establishes the viewing position, the Cartesian coordinate corresponding to the viewpoint looking back at the origin point, the 0,0,0 coordinate. When you view a drawing from the default viewpoint (0,0,1), you see a plan view of the drawing.
  2. You can view a three-dimensional drawing using any of the following methods:
  3. Rotating the view in real time (3D Orbit)
  4. Preset Views
  5. Preset Viewpoints
  6. Dynamic View Control
  7. Plan View
  8. You can change the viewing direction to look at the drawing from a different vantage point or to work on a three-dimensional model from a different orientation.
Rotating the view in real time (3D Orbit )
  1. progeCAD allows you to rotate the visualisation in real time to view your drawing from any angle while in model space. You cannot rotate the view while in paper space, but also within the layout windows.
  2. If desired, you can continue the rotation of a view after you release the mouse button. Choose Tools > Options to enable continuous motion. For more information, See Changing the options on the Display tab.
To rotate the view in real time
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Choose View > 3d orbit > Real-Time Sphere.
  3. On the 3D Orbit toolbar, click the Real-Time Sphere tool (
  4. ).
  • Type rtrot and then press Enter.
  • Press and hold Ctrl.
  • Click and drag the left mouse button. The view rotates according to the movement of your mouse.
  • To stop rotating, release the mouse button.