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Printing drawings - Customizing print options

Selecting a printer or plotter

You can specify a printer or plotter to be used when printing any drawing. You can print your drawing on any printer or plotter that is compatible with Windows, including raster printers.

To select a printer or plotter
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Choose File > Print Setup, and then click Device tab.
  3. On the Standard toolbar, click the Plot tool (
  4. ), and then click Device tab.
  • Type print and press Enter, and then click Device tab.
  • From the Printer list, select a printer or plotter.
  • Select Save Changes to Layout, and then click Apply to save your changes.

    1. Select the printer.
    2. Select the paper size.
    3. Select the paper orientation.
    4. Select the drawing orientation.
    1. Type the number of the copies.
    2. Select to print into file the drawing.
    3. Click the button to set the advanced features for the selected printer.