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Printing drawings - Defining layouts for printing - Print or plot your drawing. For more details, See Printing or plotting your drawing.

Creating a new layout

In progeCAD, you can create multiple layouts for a single drawing. Each layout represents a sheet of paper. For each layout you can specify the print area, print styles, print scale, lineweight scale, pen mappings, and add viewports, dimensions, a title block, and other geometry specific to the layout. The entities you add to a layout in paper space do not appear in model space.

Each layout requires at least one layout viewport. This viewport displays the drawing's model space entities.

When you create a new drawing, the drawing automatically contains two default layouts: Layout1 and Layout2. You can start by using one of the default layouts, you can create your own, or your can create a new layout from another template (.dwt) file, drawing (.dwg) file, or drawing interchange (.dxf) file.

Each drawing can contain up to 255 layouts.

To create a new layout using the Layout1 or Layout2 tab
  1. Click the Layout1 or Layout2 tab.
  2. Set up at least one layout viewport. For details, See Working with layout viewports.