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Working with iCADLib

The iCADLib Module lets you collect a series of blocks in an organized way. The function activates typing iCADLib and pressing Enter, via the Add-on menu or using the appropriate icon.

The blocks libraries can be arranged via the progeCAD Libraries, the User folder and the Traceparts Libraries. You can resize the New Library Manager form moving the mouse pointer to a corner and dragging it, another way is to choose to see only the main commands by clicking on the Reduce / Enlarge window..

  1. Write the name of the block to display it in the space next to it.
  2. Click to enlarge/Reduce iCADLib window.
  3. Click to insert a block.
  4. Click a library to display the categories and the contained blocks.
  5. Click to choose a folder.
  6. Click to visit the Traceparts website.
  1. Click to change the iCADLib settings.
  2. Specify the desired scale.
  3. Specify the desired angle.
  4. Click to enter the mirrored block.
  5. Show the block preview.
  6. Click to modify the preview zoom.
  7. Click to show the block preview as icon.
  8. Click to show the block preview as list.

By clicking on Settings icon you can choose how to modify the User folder and the Traceparts Setting.

In the User folder tab you can choose if you want to insert the item you select as a block or open it as a file. You can click both on the text or on the icon on the right.

In the Traceparts tab you can choose a destination folder where to put the file downloaded from the internet and if it will be automatically sent to progeCAD.

progeCAD libraries
  1. In the progeCAD Libraries section you find the default blocks already present when you install the software. These are organized in libraries (eg: Architectural, Electrical, Mechanical ...), categories (outdoors, indoors, people) and blocks. To insert a block into a drawing you need to select it and press the Insert icon or, simply, you can drag and drop it into the drawing.
NOTE: In the progeCAD Libraries you may not insert personal blocks.
User folder
  1. In the User Folder section you can import personal folders containing blocks. To insert a new folder, you have to click on the Select Folder icon and navigate to it. The new library structure will reflect that of the selected folder. Each time you start progeCAD it will be possible to choose whether to delete or reload a previously imported library. You can import dwg and dxf format drawings to be used as blocks.
Traceparts library
  1. Clicking on the "Traceparts by progeCAD" icon you will be directed automatically to the homonymous site from which you can download the blocks that you will find, after a completely free of charge registration. You will download a zip format file, you could save it everywhere. If you save it in the folder that you set in Settings section it will automatically unzip and add to the Traceparts library. Each time you start progeCAD it will be possible to choose if reload a previously imported blocks.