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Getting started - Selecting commands

Modifying a command

If you are working in the command bar, there are special ways that you can modify a command as you work. You can modify the active command using any of the follow-ing options:

Entity snaps -- Type an entity snap command, such as nearest or midpoint, to enable a one-time entity snap for a single selection. You can also use a one-time entity snap to override a running entity snap.

Extension snaps -- Type int after selecting a command, such as Line or Circle, to enable a one-time snap to the logical location where two entities would intersect if they were of infinite length. Type app to enable a similar one-time snap if the extensions would not intersect in three-dimensional space but would intersect in the current view.

Midpoint snaps -- Type m2p or mtp to enable a one-time snap to the midpoint of two points that you specify.