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Working with external references

You can link entire drawings to the current drawing as external references. Unlike inserting a drawing as a block, in which you add all the entities from the separate drawing into the current drawing, external references attach a pointer to the external file. The entities in the external reference appear in the current drawing, but the entities themselves are not added to the drawing. Thus, attaching an external reference does not significantly increase the size of the current drawing file.

External references provide additional capabilities not available when you insert a drawing as a block. When you insert a drawing as a block, the entities are stored in the drawing. Any changes you make to the original drawing are not reflected in the drawing in which you inserted it. When you attach an external reference, however, any changes you make to the original drawing file are reflected in the drawings that reference it. These changes appear automatically each time you open the drawing containing the external reference. If you know that the original drawing was modified, you can reload the external reference anytime you're working on the drawing.

External references are useful for assembling master drawings from component drawings. Use external references to coordinate your work with others in a group. External references help reduce drawing file size and ensure that you are always working with the most recent version of a drawing. However, if you send or receive drawings that contain external references, it is important to include with the master drawing all of the external references attached to it. When you open a drawing that contains external references, the source external reference files must be accessible for the external ref-erences to display in the drawing.

The Xref Manager helps you easily attach and work with external references.

  1. Click to display a detailed list or hierarchical tree.
  2. Select an external reference to modify its attachment.
  3. Type or click Browse to specify the external reference location.
  4. Type or click Browse to specify other search directories where external references may be located.
  5. Click to open the source drawing for the external reference.
  1. Click to make the external reference a permanent part of the drawing.
  2. Click to remove the external reference, but keep elements and path information for easy reloading.
  3. Click to update with changes from the external reference.
  4. Click to completely remove the external reference.
  5. Click to link a drawing.