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- Working with attributes

Editing attribute definitions

You can edit an attribute definition before you associate it with a block and before it is saved as part of a block definition.

To edit an attribute definition
  1. Advanced experience level
  2. Do one of the following:
  3. Choose Modify > Object > Text.
  4. On the Text toolbar, click the Edit Text tool (
  5. ).
  • Type ddedit and then press Enter.
  • Select the attribute definition text to edit.
  • Modify the attribute name, prompt string, default value, and other attribute definition characteristics.
  • Click OK.
    1. Modify the name assigned to the attribute.
    2. Modify the prompt that displays when you insert the attribute into the drawing.
    3. Modify the identifying prompt information displayed when you insert a block containing the attribute.
    1. Modify the attribute insertion point.
    2. Modify the attribute text style and appearance.
    3. Modify the attribute insertion flags to create hidden, fixed-value, validated, or defined attributes.