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Dimensioning your drawing - Understanding dimension styles and variables

Controlling line settings

You can control settings affecting dimension lines, extension lines, and center marks. Any changes you make affect the current dimension style. The image tile on the right side of the Dimension Settings dialog box shows the appearance of the dimensions based on the current dimension style settings.


  1. Extend past dimension.
  2. Baseline offset.
  1. Offset from origin.
To set the color for dimension lines
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Choose Dimension > Dimension Style.
  3. On the Dimension toolbar, click the Dimension Style tool (
  4. ).
  • Type setdim and then press Enter.
  • Click the Lines tab.
  • Under Dimension Lines, click Select Color.
  • In the Color dialog box, click the dimension line color, and then click OK.
  • Click OK.
    1. Type or select center mark size. Positive values create a center mark. Negative values create centerlines.
    2. Type or select the baseline offset distance (the distance to offset successive dimension lines when creating baseline dimensions) and the offset from origin (the distance extension lines are offset from their origin points).
    3. In Dimensions, type or select the distance that extension lines extend beyond dimension lines. In Obliques, type or select the distance that dimension lines extend beyond extension lines.
    4. Select the dimension lineweight and the dimension line color.
    1. Select the extension lineweight and the extension line color.
    2. Select to prevent the creation of the first and second dimension lines.
    3. Select to prevent the creation of the first and second extension lines.
    4. Select to prevent the creation of dimension lines outside extension lines.
    5. Select to draw dimension lines between extension lines when text and arrows are placed outside extension lines.