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Dimensioning your drawing - Creating dimensions - Specify the dimension arc location.

Creating leaders and annotations

Leaders consist of a line or series of lines that connects a feature in a drawing to an annotation. Generally, you place an arrowhead at the first point. An annotation, created as dimension text, is placed immediately adjacent to the last point. By default, the text placed at the end of the leader line consists of the most recent dimension. You can also type an annotation as a single line of text.

To create a leader and an annotation
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Choose Dimension > Leader.
  3. On the Dimension toolbar, click the Quick Leader tool (
  4. ).
  • Type dimleader and then press Enter.
  • Specify the starting point of the leader.
  • Specify the endpoint of the leader line segment.
  • Specify additional leader line segment endpoints.
  • After you specify the last endpoint, press Enter.
  • Type the annotation, or press Enter to accept the most recent dimension as the default annotation.



    Specify the starting point of the leader ( A ) and the endpoint of the leader line segment ( B ).