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Dimensioning your drawing - Creating dimensions - Specify the dimension arc location.

Creating ordinate dimensions

An ordinate dimension annotates the perpendicular distance from an origin or base point (the origin of the current user coordinate system [UCS]). Ordinate dimensions consist of an x- or y-coordinate and a leader. An x-ordinate dimension measures distances along the x-axis; a y-ordinate dimension measures distances along the y-axis.

As you select ordinate points, the program automatically determines whether the point is an x- or y-ordinate based on which direction you drag the second point. You can also specify whether the ordinate represents an x- or y-ordinate. Ordinate dimension text is always aligned with the ordinate leader lines, regardless of the text orientation specified by the current dimension style.


Ordinate dimensions measure the distance along the x- or y-axis from an origin to a selected ordinate point.

To create an ordinate dimension
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Choose Dimension > Coordinate.
  3. On the Dimension toolbar, click the Ordinate tool Dimension (
  4. ).
  • Type dimordinate and then press Enter.
  • Select the point for ordinate dimension.
  • Specify the ordinate leader endpoint.

    Select the ordinate point ( A ), and then specify the ordinate leader endpoint ( B ).

  • NOTE To select precise ordinate points, use entity snaps.