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Dimensioning your drawing - Creating dimensions

Quick dimensioning

To create and modify quickly a series of dimensions you can use the QDIM command. This command is particularly useful when you create a series of baseline or continued dimensions or when you dimension a series of circles and arcs.

To create a quick dimension
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Select Dimension > Quick Dimension.
  3. Select Quick Dimension from the Dimension toolbar.
  4. Type QDIM and press Enter.
  5. Select objects for dimensioning, then specify position of the dimension line or choose from the options:
  6. Continuous: creates a series of continued dimensions.
  7. Staggered: creates a series of staggered dimensions.
  8. Baseline: creates a series of baseline dimensions.
  9. Ordinate: creates a series of ordinate dimensions.
  10. Radius: creates a series of radium dimensions.
  11. Diameter: creates a series of diameter dimensions.
  12. Datum Point: sets a new point of origin for ordinate and baseline dimensions.
  13. Edit: Modifies a series of dimensions. It is suggested that you add or remove points of existing dimensions.