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Working with text - Using an alternate text editor

Creating paragraph text in an alternate text editor

After you set up progeCAD to use an alternate text editor, you can start using it to include text in your drawings.

To use an alternate text editor
  1. Do one of the following:
  • Choose Draw > Text > Multiline Text.
  • On the Draw toolbar, click the Multiline Text tool (
  • ).
  • Type mtext and then press Enter.
  • Select the first and second corners of the text area, as described earlier in this chapter.
  • In the Multiline Text dialog box, click the Text tab.
  • In the window, type the text you want, using the special characters from the table shown below to achieve special formatting. Enter \P to end a paragraph and start a new paragraph on the next line. For example, to use an alignment value of 1 and stack two numbers to display them as a fraction:


  1. When your text is complete, save the changes and exit the text editor.
  2. Special formatting characters

    Format characters




    Toggles overscore mode on and off.



    Toggles underscore mode on and off.



    Inserts a nonbreaking space.



    Inserts a backslash.



    Inserts an opening and closing brace.



    Sets the color to a specified value.

    \File name;

    Sets the font based on a specified font file name.



    Sets the text height to a specified value.



    Sets the text height to a multiple of the current text height.



    Stacks the subsequent text at the /, #, or ^ symbol.




    Adjusts the space between characters, from 0.75 to 4 times.



    Changes obliquing angle.



    Changes width factor to produce wide text.



    Sets the alignment value.


    Ends paragraph.


    Formats paragraph: i = first line indent; l = paragraph offset; t = tab positions.